Friday, 6 January 2012

Sneak Peak Number 2

Here is part two of the new Marilyn book sneak peaks! This one was actually cut out of the book because of my word count, and isn't directly related to Marilyn but it is a fun little story nevertheless.... When Gladys moved in with Grace McKee, they lived at the Rayfield Apartments at 237 Bimini Place. This apartment block was quite colourful and around the time the women lived there, it made headlines when a neighbour, Fay B Simpson, phoned the police to claim he had just murdered his wife. Officers swarmed the block, only to find Mrs Simpson alive and well and denying all knowledge of ever being murdered by her husband. The story made the pages of the Los Angeles Times..... I wonder what Gladys and Grace thought about it and if they ever knew?!

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