Sunday, 2 December 2012

I'm back!

Firstly I must apologise to you for not updating my blog before now.  When I saw just how long it had been since the last entry, I was quite embarrassed, but I promise you I have a good excuse!  I've been working really, really hard on the Hollywood Scandals book, and at the moment I have written 152000 words with 18000 left before it is finished.  All being well I should have it all done in the next two weeks, which would be absolutely awesome as it would mean I can put my feet up for Christmas and not have to worry about my impending deadline!

I need to have the book with the publisher on 1 February which - if I get the writing done in the next few weeks - means that I have a nice month or so to proof-read and edit before I hand it over.  Some of it has been edited already but there's still lots to do, which I'll look forward to in January.

I've enjoyed writing the book very much indeed but I'm ready to move on now, so I can't wait for it all to be finished.  After that I will be working on the Carole Lombard book which I am just so excited about.  I've already sourced a lot of photographs over the past few weeks, and various other items that are helping to shed light on Carole's life and career.  I will be working hard on the book during 2013 and hopefully it will be out by Christmas next year, or failing that, early 2014.  Then of course there is the Thelma Todd book which is being shown to publishers as we speak.  If I have my way this book will be out - I hope - by the end of 2014.

Working on the Hollywood Scandals book has been amazing for finding new subjects, and as a result I now have lots more ideas for people I desperately want to write about.  Watch this space to find out who is being added to my list of book subjects in the future!!

In the meantime, you may be interested to know that the Kindle version of my Marilyn book, 'Marilyn Monroe: Private and Confidential' is available at a fantastic price on Amazon for a limited time only.  You can order it here: Don't forget it is also available as a paperback and makes a great stocking stuffer! ;-)

I think that's about it for now but I promise I will write another blog post soon!!

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