Monday, 31 December 2012

Bye Bye 2012!

Well here in the UK we are just seven hours away from the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013.  As I look back on this year, I can't help but smile.  What an absolutely amazing year this has been for my career!

I started 2012 not sure what was going to happen with my writing, and I am absolutely amazed at what has occurred  including a bestselling book, two book contracts, numerous signings, talks, an up-coming film appearance, translations of my Marilyn book, interviews and even a spot on television!  To say I am shocked that this has happened to me would be an understatement, but I am so happy with everything I have been able to achieve and I look forward to 2013 with great excitement.

In January I will be editing my Hollywood Scandals book, which will be published in the UK and USA in October 2013.  Then as soon as the manuscript goes to my publisher, I will be diving into writing the Carole Lombard book which may be out a little later than originally thought - in early 2014.  I don't want to rush the work and while I have lots of research already done, there is still much more to do, so to give myself extra time will be beneficial all-round.

Of course then there is the Thelma Todd book which my agent is scouting to publishers at the moment.  Hopefully that will find a home during 2013, ready for a publication date of around December 2014.  As well as that, there will be other projects and appearances coming up too, which I will share in due course.

Before I sign off I would just like to thank everyone for taking the time to buy my books, and for making my Marilyn biography into a bestseller.  This year has literally been a dream come true for me and I thank you all very much for turning my dreams into reality.

I wish all my friends and readers a very Happy New Year and I look forward to keeping in touch with you all during 2013!!

Much love

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