Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Best and Grazia

I popped up town this morning to run some errands with my daughter, and as I waited for the bank to open, I suddenly remembered that both Best and Grazia were doing items about my book today!

I have no idea how I had temporarily forgotten, but thank goodness I remembered before we'd returned home, and so rushed to WHSmith to pick up both copies.

I am really thrilled with the results.  Best magazine gave me a whole page, while Grazia mentions my book and quotes me in an article they wrote about Marilyn.  Both have given great publicity for the book, so I'm very happy about that.  My daughter even jumped up and down and screamed wildly about mummy being in a magazine, though I don't think the old lady next to us was too impressed by it.  She just looked at us as if we were crazy; picked up her TV Times and made a hasty exit!

I'm not sure I blame her!

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