Tuesday, 22 January 2008

The Marilyn Lives Society update

Hi Everyone

It is with great sadness that I must announce my decision to stop publishing the offline Marilyn Lives Society newsletter, as from now.

This decision has not come easily and I have thought long and hard about it for many months. But I think the time has come for me to move on and let other clubs take over where MLS left off. We have two new Marilyn clubs springing up soon – one by Emma Downing and one by Andrea Pryke – both MLS members. I would like to encourage all members to join these clubs, to keep in touch and keep up-to-date with all the Marilyn-related news. I will certainly be joining the clubs, and will look forward to taking a back seat to enjoy the newsletters!

It has been increasingly hard for me to keep up with the Marilyn Lives Society newsletters, but I would still like to stay in touch with Marilyn's fans and MLS members. Although I won’t be publishing the newsletters anymore, this does not mean the end of MLS as a whole. I have my blog at
which has a special MLS section, for all up-to-date news. This will be up-dated far more often than the newsletter and will help keep all members abreast of the latest developments in the Marilyn world. I am also hoping at some point to have a meeting, and will of course keep all members' addresses so that I can keep in touch. Of course the MLS discussion list will continue.

There is also the possibility of doing an internet-based newsletter, which will arrive in your mailbox as an attachment. This will be FREE to receive, and if you are interested in this possibility, please send me your email address so that I can add you as a subscriber. It would certainly be a lot less work for me than an offline mag – so it is a definite possibility.

I am so sorry to be saying goodbye to the offline MLS newsletter, but with two fan clubs on the way, it does seem an ideal time for me to step down and let someone else breathe some fresh air into Marilyn’s fan club world.

Thank you for all your support, help and understanding over the years.



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