Friday, 24 May 2013

Marilyn Monroe - The Victoria and Albert Museum

Hello Everyone

I'm so sorry I haven't updated my blog in so long.  I have lots of work at the moment and promise to fill you in very soon. 

In the meantime, there are still some tickets left for my talk at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, on 6th June. If you would like to come, please check out the website attached and call the number to book your tickets... (You don't need to be a member). Thanks!!


Cynthia Latimer said...

I haven't read your book yet, but did you get the chance to interview Ruth.. Marilyn's best friend when she was young? She always tells how they used to escape up the tree between their houses and how on the day before Marilyn left for Los Angeles she and Marilyn pricked their fingers and became blood sisters.

Michelle Morgan said...

That's very interesting. I have not heard of Ruth. Where was Marilyn living when she knew her?

Cynthia Latimer said...

Good question. I'll call and ask her. We were just talking about her this weekend. She told me, I just can't remember. They had to have been in their late teens.

Michelle Morgan said...

I would love to know more! Even though I'm finished my book, it is always a pleasure to have more stories for a future edition! Feel free to email me: Michelle[at]MichelleMorgan[dot]co[dot]uk