Monday, 25 February 2013

Carole and Co

The Carole and Co website has done a piece about the Carole Lombard biography, which can be seen by clicking the link below, along with some nice photos of Carole too:

Please note, the cover of my Marilyn book that can be seen in the feature, is not actually the one used in the published version.  This was a very early version of the proposed 2007 cover, so don't panic if you see it and think it is a whole different book - it isn't. :-)

Also, I've had lots of feedback about the proposal title of my book, 'Carole Lombard: Swing High, Swing Low.'  Some people love it, while others have said it is also the title of a rugby song (which I did not know previously.)  Of course I chose the words Swing High Swing Low because of Carole's film of the same name, but perhaps if it has too close an association with rugby, I may have to change.

Do you have any ideas for a great title?  If so, leave a comment here.  I'd love to hear from you!!

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