Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Gladys Baker and Grace McKee

I really enjoy finding out new and fun bits of information about the lives of Marilyn and those around her.  Most of these stories went into my book, 'Marilyn Monroe: Private and Undisclosed,' while others remained filed away until now.  I hope to share some of these stories with you in the weeks to come.

One of the things I loved, was when I discovered a news article about the Rayfield Apartments, where Gladys moved to with best friend Grace McKee, shortly after Marilyn's birth.  The apartment block was situated at 237 Bimini Place and was fairly colourful - something that probably attracted the fun-loving Grace and Gladys.

I discovered a story that took place around about the very time the women lived at  the Rayfield, about a couple called Mr and Mrs Simpson, who also lived in the building.  

Apparently the couple had had a big fight, and afterwards Mr Simpson took the unprecedented decision to phone the police, claiming that he had just murdered his wife.  

Officers swarmed the block and began interviewing the 'murderer' Mr Simpson, but were shocked when Mrs Simpson - the murdered woman - walked into the apartment.  They interviewed her too and she of course denied all knowledge of ever being murdered by her husband!  

Why Mr Simpson took it upon himself to phone the police and admit to killing a woman who was still alive and well is a mystery, but I always wonder - were Grace and Gladys at home when all this was taking place?  Something tells me if they were, they most likely very much enjoyed the scandal going on just yards from their apartment!

The photo above shows The Rayfield Apartments as they look today, and the photo to the right is Gladys and Grace in later years, long after their Flapper Girl, Roaring Twenties era had ended.


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